• The Benefits of Recording Ukulele

    There has never been a more convenient time to start recording your ukulele playing. Not too long ago, the practice of recording music was reserved for professional musicians and those who could afford to pay for studio time. These days, well — the technology to do so is sitting in your hands as you read this.
  • Various Tuning

    The importance of tuning needs to be on the top of your list. Without the right tuning of your strings, your ukulele will not play the right sound,...
  • Ukulele Sizes

    Choosing the right size ukulele is kind of like choosing the right car. It needs to fit your "style". Choosing one that is too big or too small may hinder you in the performance of your playing. The drawback can be that your ukulele does not portray the right sound and doesn't tell the story of your song.