NEXG 2 vs. NEXG 2N vs. NEXG SE: Which Model Is Right for You?

by Enya USA

At Enya Music, we've redefined the guitar experience with our NEXG series, merging traditional craftsmanship with groundbreaking smart technology. Whether you're an experienced musician or just beginning, our NEXG models are designed with your musical journey in mind. Choosing the right model can be a pivotal decision, so let's explore the distinct features of the NEXG 2, NEXG 2N, and NEXG SE to help you find your perfect match.

NEXG 2: The Ultimate Musical Companion

The flagship model, NEXG 2, embodies versatility and innovation. As more than just a guitar, it integrates a loop station and an effects processor, adorned with a suite of built-in effects, a drum machine, and a looper. The NEXG 2 is the definitive choice for musicians who embrace the full spectrum of musical exploration, from creating to performing.

Enya NEXG 2 Smart Audio Guitar

NEXG 2N: The Classical Innovation

The NEXG 2N is our tribute to classical guitar enthusiasts, offering the soft tones of nylon strings and the classic beauty of a slotted headstock, all while incorporating the advanced smart functionalities synonymous with the NEXG series. It includes all the innovative features found in the NEXG 2, such as looping, drum beats, and a wide array of effects, making it a perfect blend of traditional and modern. Designed for those who appreciate the nuanced sound and feel of a classical guitar but are eager for the technological advancements of today, the NEXG 2N seamlessly marries the best of both worlds, catering to classical musicians in the digital age.

Enya NEXG 2N Smart Audio Classical Guitar


NEXG SE: Accessible Excellence

Introducing the NEXG SE, our answer to bringing smart guitar technology within everyone's reach, prioritizing essential features in a simplified design. This model is streamlined to offer the quintessential smart guitar experience at a more inviting price point. With four preset tones and wireless mic compatibility, the NEXG SE is tailored for those who prioritize simplicity, affordability, and quality.

Finding Your Fit

Selecting between the NEXG 2, NEXG 2N, and NEXG SE boils down to what you value most in your musical endeavors:

  • For Unbounded Creativity: Choose the NEXG 2 for its extensive features that inspire limitless musical creation.
  • For Classical Elegance with a Twist: Opt for the NEXG 2N if you're drawn to the classical style but wish for contemporary features.
  • For the Essentials at Great Value: The NEXG SE is your go-to for an accessible entry into smart guitar functionalities without the complexity.

Each model in the NEXG series is crafted to ensure there's a fitting choice for every musician. By aligning your preferences and requirements with the unique offerings of each model, you're bound to find the ideal NEXG guitar that resonates with your musical spirit.

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