About Enya Music Inc – ENYA MUSIC INC.

For the Love of Music

Enya Music (no connection to the singer) has a storied history, beginning with our name. “En” means always be “humble” and “thankful”, while “Ya” translates into “Elegant. Our goal is to deliver the finest Ukuleles & Guitars for the money and a customer experience that conveys our sincere appreciation for the people who play them.

While Enya Music is a global music company, our commitment is uniquely local. With offices based in Houston, TX, our staff consists of people & musicians just like you. We read every email, Customer feedback is carefully reviewed. We believe that those who buy our instruments are more than customers - they are family. That’s why you’ll find thousands of 5-star reviews on Amazon to go with the hundreds of emails and letters received from satisfied players.

We warmly invite you to experience our surprisingly affordable Ukuleles & Guitars, where uncompromising quality, innovative design & legendary sound live in every instrument we make.

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About Founder

" Making quality instruments  for everyone is my dream."

Enya-Music was founded in 2011 by Haiming Hu. A musician himself, Hu played in bands throughout college. Upon graduation, his love for music led to work in manufacturing as a luthier. He quickly developed a reputation for fine craftsmanship that would become a hallmark of the company he would eventually create. Yet Hu soon realized that the guitars and ukuleles he most loved playing were often the least affordable. Using his experience as a musician and commitment to innovation, Hu built his company on the belief that beautiful sounding instruments could also be within reach of the average musician - a formula that’s helped make Enya-Music among the largest & most successful stringed instrument companies.