At Enya, our mission is to provide all music enthusiasts with affordable ukuleles and guitars with unwavering quality and cutting-edge design.


Balancing innovation with tradition is one of the things Enya focuses on, and always will. By blending innovative product designs and advanced manufacturing techniques, Enya has set industry-leading standards for creativity, playability, craftsmanship, and affordability. Traditional ukuleles and guitars, AcousticPlus® onboard effect system, and NEXG® smart audio guitars are among Enya's product offerings. We are still committed to providing the multimedia and musical instrument markets with fresh value and continue to expand our business into new areas.

AcousticPlus® Technology

Low Maintenance

Smart Audio Guitar

Our Story

Enya Music (no connection to the singer) has a storied history, beginning with our name. “En” means always be “humble” and “thankful”, while “Ya” translates into Elegant.  After the first musical instrument was made at Enya’s factory in 1995, Enya has been growing quickly to become a world’s leading brand with over 250,000 ukuleles sold annually. Today, with a team of over 300 people, Enya maintains an active selling network with international distribution to 40 countries, including a distribution warehouse and factory service center in Texas, USA. While Enya Music is a global music company, our commitment is uniquely local. With offices based in Houston, TX, our staff consists of people & musicians just like you. 

For the Love of Music

More than just a tagline, "For the love of music" reflects Enya Music's dedication to developing innovative new instruments. All of Enya music's national and regional messaging as well as involvement with all market segments incorporate the phrase "For the love of music.”

The "For the love of music" campaign invites musicians to explore Enya instruments and share their musical stories in order to inspire and engage customers in a novel way.