ENYA Nova Go

A durable half-size carbon fiber guitar fulfills your outdoor needs.

ENYA X1 Half-Size Travel Guitar

The perfect size for backpackers and children.
X1 Pineapple Ukulele
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Nova U Pro Black
from $129.99 Regular price $139.99 Save $10
Nova U Pro White
from $129.99 Regular price $139.99 Save $10
Nova U Pro Purple
X1 Pro Spruce 34"
Sale price $199.99 Regular price $219.99 Save $20

Enya "AcousticPlus" allows players to add sound effects from the instrument itself, with no external effects or amplification needed.

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Our goal is to provide affordable instruments that are well made and sound great to serve all beginners and the experienced.

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For discerning players, the choice of tonewood is important. Choose the perfect tonewood to fit your need is important.

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Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings - Enya Music Inc.
Ukulele Fluorocarbon Strings
Ukulele Fluorocarbon Unwound Low G String
Ukulele Wound Low G String
Polish Cloth - ENYA MUSIC INC.
Polish Cloth
from $2.99
Clip-on Tuner - Enya Music Inc.
Clip-on Tuner
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Enya Music Inc

Enya Music Inc (no connection to the singer) is based in Houston, TX, our staff consists of people & musicians just like you. Our goal is to deliver the finest Ukuleles & Guitars for the money and a customer experience that conveys our sincere appreciation for the people who play them. By blending innovative product designs and advanced manufacturing techniques, Enya has set industry-leading standards for playability, craftsmanship, and affordability. Balancing innovation with tradition is one of the things Enya focuses on, and always will.