Enya Nova U Carbon Ukulele Blue – ENYA MUSIC INC.
Nova U Concert Blue - ENYA MUSIC INC.
Nova U Concert Blue - ENYA MUSIC INC.

Nova U Concert Blue



● Carbon fiber composite concert ukulele 
AcousticPlus pickup system available
● Free color-match accessories  
● NOT compatible with wound strings or strings   containing metallic compounds

Nova U Ukulele

Social media was a buzz when the Nova U series debuted and it’s not hard to see why. Carbon fiber construction and unique soundhole configuration contribute to its surprisingly bright tone. Ergonomic design featuring a thinner profile delivers a comfortable playability you can feel. For tone, playability, and quality, the Nova U series is a great choice. Optional "Acoustic Plus" pickup system is available.


Model: Nova U / BLUESize: Concert 23"
Top: 30% Carbon Fiber & PolycarbonateBack&Sides: 30% Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate
Neck: 30% Carbon Fiber & PolycarbonateFretboard: Radius - 30% Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate
Tuning Pegs: Open Gold ClassicNut & Saddle: 30% Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate
Bridge: 30% Carbon Fiber & PolycarbonateStrings: Enya Fluorocarbon
Finish: SatinNut Width: 1 - 5/16”
Color: Blue
Body Thickness: 2 Inch
Weight: 1.25 lbs
Pickup: DOUBLE® AcousticPlus (Optional)
What's in the box: Enya Nova U ukulele, case, spare string set, strap, and capo.

What people say

"I absolutely love my new pink Enya ukulele. It looks pretty and sounds lovely, the matching case is cute as well. I did buy a longer strap as the one supplied wasn't quite comfortable for me but that is just personal preference and not a fault at all. I'm delighted with it and can hardly wait for ukulele club on Thursday so I can show it off."

"I already have an Enya Tenor ukulele, my first, which I bought as an absolute beginner less than a year ago. I love the quality of build and the sound from that one. I bought the Enya Nova U having read very favorable reviews and I’m not disappointed. The build quality is excellent and it produces a bright clear sound, without seeming plasticky. I find it very easy to play and have trouble putting it down! All in all a great little instrument and well worth every penny. Thanks Enya!"

"The quality is excellent! It sound crisp! I like its color. Feel awesome LOL. A brilliant gift for a loved beauty!"

"If you want something unique, something that's going to be adaptable and it's you'll be able to throw it in your suitcase and not worry about it. Something you can play until it's in pieces, Nova U is gonna be one of the best thing you can spend your money for that."


"I would recommend for anybody to get if they are looking for a really cool piece in their collection. Also it's super durable."


“It's unique in a lot of different aspects. In the way that it looks. It's unique in the way that it sounds. It's unique in the components that make it up, the polycarbonate and carbon fiber."


"The tone though is really rather enjoyable. It has a brightness and chime i've not heard before from plastic and doesn't sound boxy to my ears at all. Strum it and you can easily get a sparkly jangle going, and each note is still clear in the mix and all harmonize well. Each note in a mix is extremely clear and the jangle happens because the strings are harmonizing and it's accurate. It's a lot of fun to strum on!"


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