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Learn to Play Guitar and Ukulele for Free

As an Enya instrument owner you can access your free membership to OKMusician. Download the app today and take advantage of everything you need to learn guitar and ukulele!

Learn to Play Guitar
Okmusician app
Learn to Play Ukulele

All-In-One Learning APP

OKMusician is AI music teacher providing professional courses for ukulele and guitar players. Specifically designed with beginners in mind it offers an immersive experience to get you playing immediately. However, the biggest feature of this app is the incredible sound recognition feature that listens to you play all while providing feedback!

Learn to Play ukulele
Free Song Chords

Video Tutorials, Handcrafted Song,
Chord Library

Interactive and step-by-step tutorials and a massive list of songs that are perfect for all level of players. Also included with the app is a tuner, metronome, a chord dictionary, and the always helpful reverse chord finder.

Free For Enya Instrument Owners

OKMusician is free with the purchase of any Enya instrument. Simply click the button below to activate your membership and begin your lessons today!