Ukulele Fluorocarbon Strings – ENYA MUSIC INC.
Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings - Enya Music Inc.
Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings - Enya Music Inc.

Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings


● Made in Japan
● Transparent fluorocarbon ukulele strings
1(A)-0.21" 2(E)-0.26" 3(C)-0.29" 4(G)-0.23"
● Designed for Soprano, Concert, and Tenor

● Ship in 2 business days


What people say

"I absolutely love my new pink Enya ukulele. It looks pretty and sounds lovely, the matching case is cute as well. I did buy a longer strap as the one supplied wasn't quite comfortable for me but that is just personal preference and not a fault at all. I'm delighted with it and can hardly wait for ukulele club on Thursday so I can show it off."

"I already have an Enya Tenor ukulele, my first, which I bought as an absolute beginner less than a year ago. I love the quality of build and the sound from that one. I bought the Enya Nova U having read very favorable reviews and I’m not disappointed. The build quality is excellent and it produces a bright clear sound, without seeming plasticky. I find it very easy to play and have trouble putting it down! All in all a great little instrument and well worth every penny. Thanks Enya!"

"The quality is excellent! It sound crisp! I like its color. Feel awesome LOL. A brilliant gift for a loved beauty!"