Solid Wood Guitars

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    Guitars constructed of solid wood take on the quality of the specific woods they are built from and can develop even more sonic quality over time. We invite you to learn more about our Mahogany guitars and Spruce guitars.

    10 products
    X1 Pro Spruce 34"
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    Q1 Solid Spruce - ENYA MUSIC INC.
    Q1 Solid Spruce
    Q1 Dreadnought
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    Q1 Cutaway
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    T-05B Parlor
    T-05J Dreadnought
    T-10SD Solid Spruce - ENYA MUSIC INC.
    T-10SD Solid Spruce
    from $1,299.99
    T-10SOM Solid Spruce - ENYA MUSIC INC.
    T-10SOM Solid Spruce
    from $1,299.99
    T-10D Solid Spruce
    from $1,799.99
    T-10OM Solid Spruce
    from $1,799.99