Ukulele Tonewoods

Tonewood is the major factor that you should consider for solid wood ukulele purchase. It influences the price range, quality of your instrument, and the way it sounds. Choosing the best wood for your ukulele is beneficial for all level players.

Ukulele Tonewoods

Solid Mahogany Ukulele

Mahogany is commonly used wood in the ukulele world. It has great strength with lower weights. A solid mahogany ukulele produces a warm and balanced tone.

Solid Koa Ukulele

Almost everyone loves the famous Hawaiian Koa ukuleles. A solid Koa ukulele provides a mid-range sound with less overtone and great attack during strumming and picking.

Solid Acacia Ukulele

Acacia refers to a family of wood species including Hawaiian Koa. Acacia has one of the most beautiful wood grains which looks unique and eye-catching. A solid acacia ukulele provides a deeper and clear tone.  

With an unusual and attractive appearance, a solid mango ukulele has a similar tone to Hawaiian Koa. The sound is bright, wide range with outstanding sustain.

Flame Maple is known for its clear tone. It offers a less sustain, clean and fat sounding making it one of the best sounding ukuleles.