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Enya X3C Carbon Fiber Guitar
Enya X3C Carbon Fiber Guitar

X3C Carbon Cutaway



● Carbon Fiber Guitar 
AcousticPlus Pickup System Available
● Richlite Fretboard
● Leather Strap & Soft Case
● Download User Manual Here

ENYA X3C Guitar

This guiar offers all the features found in the X3 model, but in a cutaway version for those preferring this profile or, who want greater access to strings low on the neck. Innovation is an important aspect of everything we build, and no where is this more apparent than in our line of Carbon Fiber guitars. For players, carbon fiber’s durability, sound, consistency, and weight make it an attractive option. These instruments tend to be louder than typical wooden guitars, offering a uniquely rich and resonating sound that resonates in all directions. Carbon fiber guitars are also tougher to dent, scratch, or crack than wood, and are far more resistant to temperature changes or humidity. Another unique feature is the availability of our AcousticPlus pickup system. Using a built-in actuator, AcousticPlus system takes the string vibrations and enhances them to create chorus and reverb effects from the instrument itself, with no external effects or amplification. If you're looking for a guitar that consistently sounds good, and is great for a variety of playing conditions, the X3 Carbon Fiber offers the best of both worlds. Available as either a 36 or 41" model.

Model: EA-X3CSize: 4/4 (41 Inch)
Top: High-Gloss Carbon Fiber Back&Sides: High-Gloss HPL
Neck: Carbon Fiber & Congo MahoganyFretboard: Radius Richlite
Tuning Pegs: Black Die-CastNut & Saddle: Tusq®
Inlay: Silicon CrystalColor: Black
Strings: Elixir® Nanoweb
Nut Width: 1-11/16 Inch
Finish: Gloss
Pickup: Double® S3 AcousticPlus(optional)
What's in the box: Enya X3 guitar, leather soft case, leather strap.

What people say

"I absolutely love my new pink Enya ukulele. It looks pretty and sounds lovely, the matching case is cute as well. I did buy a longer strap as the one supplied wasn't quite comfortable for me but that is just personal preference and not a fault at all. I'm delighted with it and can hardly wait for ukulele club on Thursday so I can show it off."

"I already have an Enya Tenor ukulele, my first, which I bought as an absolute beginner less than a year ago. I love the quality of build and the sound from that one. I bought the Enya Nova U having read very favorable reviews and I’m not disappointed. The build quality is excellent and it produces a bright clear sound, without seeming plasticky. I find it very easy to play and have trouble putting it down! All in all a great little instrument and well worth every penny. Thanks Enya!"

"The quality is excellent! It sound crisp! I like its color. Feel awesome LOL. A brilliant gift for a loved beauty!"


Enya Music, Inc. warrants its product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under the normal use for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of original purchase.

30-day return & refund guarantee.

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