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Ukulele Tonewoods

When looking for the best ukulele it is always a wise choice to pick one with a solid wood soundboard. Solid wood instruments take on the quality of the specific woods they are built from. These tonewoods will affect the sound, color, grain, and price of the instrument you buy. If you aren't sure about which tonewoods to pick, no problem, just buying any solid wood ukulele is a great decision!

Ukulele Tonewoods

Solid Mahogany Ukulele

Mahogany is a reddish brown tropical hardwood that is quite durable yet lightweight. It is definitely the most used wood in the world for building ukuleles. It provides a well-balanced and moderate tone.

Solid Koa Ukulele

Hawaiian koa has been used for centuries on canoes and surfboards, and of course more recently on authentic Hawaiian ukuleles. The koa tonewood has a bright sound that brings chords to life!

Solid Acacia Ukulele

Acacia a species of tropical hardwoods that also contain the koa mentioned above. These similar but still different woods both have striking yet unique designs. The other acacia tonewoods have a little deeper tone than regular koa.

The first thing you will notice about mango wood is the attractive grain and appearance. For those looking for a break in the usual tonewoods, mango has a bright sound like koa and is known for its long lasting sustain.

Maple is a very dense hardwood, which means it will cause faster note decay and have less sustain. This density also gives it more projection and brightness than a mahogany. Some prefer flame maple due to the beautiful pattern and natural grain appearance.