TransAcoustic Technology

The TransAcoustic technology is firstly developed by YAMAHA® which allows you to enjoy the effects-processed sounds directly from the sound chamber without breaking the structure or using any external devices or equipment.

Effects Control

Without changing the original acoustic aesthetics, simply use the knobs to turn the TransAcoustic feature on/off, and adjust the effects like reverb, chorus, and delay.

>> Enya Nova U TransAcoustic Ukulele

Enya TransAcoustic

By mounting the actuator inside the resonance chamber, string vibrations are sensed. Processed sound is transferred into natural instrument's vibrations.

>> Enya X2 TransAcoustic Guitar​

TransAcoustic Guitars vs Acoustic-Electric Guitars

The TransAcoustic system also works when the instrument is plugged into an amp, all acoustic-electric features are included.

>> Enya X3 TransAcoustic Carbon Guitar

>> Enya X4 TransAcoustic Carbon Guitar


TransAcoustic Feature DEMO