Firmware Updates Download for NEXG 2

• Version: 1.2.7
• Post Date: July 6th, 2023
• File Size: 124 MB (Windows); 23.3 MB (macOS) 

Update Guide:

Step 1: Power down NEXG 2 and disconnect all cables.
Step 2: Press and hold Function Key A and B simultaneously, then press the main knob for 2 seconds to activate the update mode. The display screen will show the following image.

Step 3: Connect your NEXG 2 to a PC (macOS or Windows).
Step 4: Run the firmware update software and click the "START" button to initiate the update process.
Step 5: Once the update is complete (progress bar reaches 100%), close the software and disconnect NEXG 2 from the PC.
Step 6: Enjoy playing your NEXG 2 with the latest firmware. Rock on!