- For the love of music -

Enya Music (no connection to the singer) has a storied history, beginning with our name. “En” means always be “humble” and “thankful”, while “Ya” translates into “Elegant. Our goal is to deliver the finest Ukuleles, Guitars & Kalimbas for the money and a customer experience that conveys our sincere appreciation for the people who play them.

Unique design & superior build results in a beautiful tone you can hear and playability you can feel. Our commitment to innovation means using materials like carbon fiber (in addition to fine woods) to expand the boundaries of musical performance. As both the designer and manufacturer, we eliminate the middleman, thus channel partners benefit and savings are passed on to customers.

While Enya Music is a global music company, our commitment is uniquely local.  With offices based in Houston, TX, our staff consists of people & musicians just like you. We read every email, Customer feedback is carefully reviewed. We believe that those who buy our instruments are more than customers - they are family.  That’s why you’ll find thousands of 5-star reviews on Amazon to go with the hundreds of emails and letters received from satisfied players.  

We warmly invite you to experience our surprisingly affordable Ukuleles, Guitars, and Kalimbas, where uncompromising quality, innovative design & legendary sound live in every instrument we make.


About our founder

Enya Music was founded in 2011 by Haiming Hu. A musician himself, Hu played in bands throughout college. Upon graduation, his love for music led to work in manufacturing as a luthier. He quickly developed a reputation for fine craftsmanship that would become a hallmark of the company he would eventually create. Yet Hu soon realized that the guitars and ukuleles he most loved playing were often the least affordable. Using his experience as a musician and commitment to innovation, Hu built his company on the belief that beautiful sounding instruments could also be within reach of the average musician - a formula that’s helped make Enya Music among the largest & most successful stringed instrument companies.  



Let our innovation inspire and encourage the journey of every music lover out there!


Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we achieve this with high quality products and the best customer service. A guarantee is only as good as the company that backs it up!


For the love of music, Enya's commitment is to create premium products at very affordable costs.


Enya Music, Inc. is headquartered in Huizhou, China.

Enya Music International

Baisheng Industrial Park

Huizhou, Guangdong, China


Enya Music USA Office

Enya Music, Inc.

6132 Westline Dr

Houston, Texas 77036 USA